Access Network E2E Architect

Mission :

Then Access Network E2E architect is responsible for:

  • The development of the technical strategy for the access network
  • Translation of business requirements into technical requirements
  • The selection and/or development of a technical solution/architecture
  • That is compliant with the business and technical needs
  • That takes into account the reality of the existing solution
  • That takes advantage as much as possible of state-of-the-art/emerging technologies
  • That is cost-efficient

Functional description

The function of E2E Architect includes the following responsibilities:

  • Development of the technical strategy of the domain he is responsible for
  • Align in a proactive way with product marketing during the project feasibility and strategy development phase
  • Key contact person for all technical related matters both internally and externally towards suppliers
  • Preparation of RFI/RFP documents towards suppliers based on own knowledge and expertise, combined with input gathered, analyzed and if needed, reformulated from the operational departments, which can be marketing, sales, technical etc.
  • Review of the proposed solutions followed by making and presentation a recommendation for selection based on technologies used and going for a future proof approach, but while keeping in mind items as operational ease of use and impact on the existing systems.
  • Assessment of the proposed solutions and presentation of a recommendation for selection based on a balanced evaluation of the performance of the proposed technologies , the future proofiness of the approach, also keeping in mind operational ease of use and impact on the existing architecture and platforms.
  • Once a solution has been selected, monitor and comment on all design changes
  • Create and review technical design documentation
  •  Check whether modifications are technically valid and determine (together with the project manager) the system impact
  •  Liaise with subcontractors, suppliers and the applicable departments on technical & integration issues
  • Check if all integration issues with the existing deployed systems have been taken into consideration
  • Work with the project manager to create the detailed planning and to create a business case
  • Support the business/process analyst to create use cases/processes
  • Ensuring, together with the integration manager and his team that the work performed and the solution implemented is in accordance with the Architectural Design and Specifications
  • Act as technical project manager during the development and implementation phase to facilitate the progress of a project (complement the task of the project manager for technical matters)
  • Knowledge transfer to all stakeholders


  • Masters Degree preferably in engineering and/or IT
  • Sound Experience in the domains listed below
  • Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) Network components
    • Optical Transmitters & Receivers
    • Optical Node Units
    • Coaxial and in-home amplifiers
    • Coaxial passives
  • HFC Design
  • HFC Technical Troubleshooting/Continuous Improvement support
  • HFC Assurance/Monitoring Tools
  • Passive Optical Infrastructure for X.PON
  • Experience in a similar architect role is an asset
  • Experience with technical project management is an asset
  • A proven technical knowledge of systems and networks
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Strong analytical and communication skills both verbal and written incl. presentation skills
  • Team Oriented but ability to work autonomously
  • Ability to work and communicate clearly in French and English
  • Eager to learn about new technologies with a passion for everything related to telecom
  • Ability to translate business needs into solution architecture requirements
  • Ability to quickly comprehend the functions and capabilities of new technologies and to articulate the effect of technology on business.
  • Capability of working in a stressful environment whilst being proactive and assertive
Must possess vast experience in working collaboratively with (internal) Clients, Project & Process Managers, Marketing teams and Integration functions to ensure that proposed solutions are technically viable, appropriately designed and implemented.

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